Minor Surgery


  • We provide a minor surgery service to our patients to cater for a wide variety of skin and joint problems.
  • Many of the procedures are covered by VHI/Quinn/Aviva/Layla Health Insurances.
  • Medical Card Holders should note that some procedures are not covered and may incur a fee.

Removal of moles or skin biopsies



cryo cryo2

This is a rapid effective  and minimally painful  method for removal of specific skin lesions such as verrucas, warts , genital warts  and early skin cancers.

Liquid Nitrogen at - 196º C is applied for 5-15 seconds, through a small bore using a specialised spray gun.

The procedure may need to be repeated for a specified treatment regimen depending on the nature of the lesion.


DIATHERMY2 DIATHERMYThis is a simple effective and painless method of removal of skin lesions, especially elevated lesions such as Skin Tags.

The procedure involves the use of local anaesthesia and a white hot cutting instrument.

Joint Injections and Aspirations:

Joint and tendon injections are available following doctor consultation.

Injections most often involves use of steroid and anaesthetic in varying joints and tendons for a wide range of conditions.

Medical Card Holders should be aware that this service is not covered and does incur a fee (See Fees).

Please contact our reception staff for further information and to arrange an appointment.

Mirena Coil and Implanon Insertion

Please see Womens Health