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Flu vaccine 2018/2019 now available .

Walk in clinics daily from 12-1pm.Appointment not required.




All our doctors are partaking in the new GP medical card scheme for children under six.

Please log onto to apply. We would appreciate if you could select Dr Denis Egan as your GP to help us with administration of this service. You can attend any of the GPs in our surgery, despite the name of the GP (in our surgery) on your card. Cards will not be active until 01 July 2015 and fees will have to be paid until this time. If you do not have a valid medical card after this time, you will have to pay. GP-Visit-Card-Logo-U6-72

MMR & 4in1 Pre-school booster Vaccine We continue to provide the 4in1 and MMR pre-school booster at the Spiddal Medical Centre. The Department of Health has announced that it intends to transfer this service to the school’s Public Health Service and provide it free of charge. However, they have not set a definitive date for its introduction.  Additionally, it will require that the parent of the child attend at the school at a set time, which may not be suitable for the parent. We provide this service in a sterile and clinical setting at your convenience and with an agreed appointment time. The cost of the 4in1 and the MMR preschool booster is €30.00

Osteoporosis Osteoporosis is a silent illness that can easily be diagnosed by a DEXA Bone Scan. 1 in 2 women & 1 in 4 men over the age of 50 will suffer an osteoporosis fracture. Early detection is key to managing your osteoporosis. Speak to your doctor today. International Society of Clinical Densiometry Certified Centre.