How Do I?

Frequently Asked Questions

Make an appointment?

We are currently accepting new patients. If you wish to see the doctor it is essential that you make an appointment. If you wish for more than one person to be seen at the same time ie children, partner etc, please inform the reception staff. This will allow them to allocate extra time in order to keep waiting times to a minimum.

If the appointment is for a particular procedure ie cervical smear, Mirena insertion,Allergy Test etc, please let the reception staff know so adequate time may be allocated.

If someone needs to be seen urgently please let the receptionist know and the patient will be facilitated as soon as possible. If you feel that you may need emergency care, please phone an ambulance by dialing 999.

Register with the practice?

Private patients may register with the practice by talking to reception staff in person or by telephone. Phonelines are open from 9 to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Accurate and up to date contact details including your email address are increasingly used by our practice and this information is important. Please inform the reception staff of any change to your details.

If you are eligible for a Medical Card, application forms are available  both at reception and on our website ‘useful forms’. You must complete the application form and return it to our receptionist. Existing patients of Spiddal Medical Centre can leave completed medical card application forms at our reception which will be signed by one of the doctors and will be available for collection the following day.

New patients to the practice must attend for consultation with a doctor prior to submitting the medical card application.

The completed medical card application form will then need to be brought by the applicant to HSE, Community Care, Shantalla, Galway, where the application will be processed.

Information regarding eligibility for medical cards can be found at

Change my doctor?

Renew my medical card?

How do I order a repeat prescription?

If you need a repeat prescription please call, email or present in person to our  reception staff to place an order of the medication you require.

Please give at least 24 hours notice for repeat prescriptions. This is to allow the doctor enough time to complete the prescription, update your records avoiding unnecessary waiting.

All patients on long term medication should try to be seen, at least, every six months. A repeat prescription will not be issued to a patient who has not been reviewed by a doctor in the last six months.

If due to unforeseen circumstances you require a prescription and are unable to attend, explain this to our reception staff and we will try facilitate you with a one month prescription and allow you to make an appointment with the doctor within the month.

If you have a prescription from the hospital which needs to be issued on a Medical Card prescription or needs to be reviewed by your doctor, we will try to facilitate you on the same day.

How do I speak to my doctor or nurse on the telephone?

The majority of problems requiring medical attention are best discussed in person, by consulting with your doctor or nurse.

Telephone calls during consultations can be disruptive to medical care and upsetting for patients.

If your doctor or nurse cannot take your call please leave your contact details with our receptionist and a doctor or nurse will call you back as soon as is possible.

If your telephone call is an emergency please inform our receptionist, this will always be dealt with by a doctor.

How do I get my test results?

Most test results are best discussed at follow-up appointments in person with the doctor.

However if this is not possible or not necessary, it is the patients responsibility to phone for his or her results. Do not presume if you have not heard from the doctor that your test result is normal.

Many blood results are now forwarded, to the patient’s own account, by email. Please talk to your doctor at the time of blood tests to discuss the option best suited to your needs.

If your doctor decides telephone follow-up is suitable, you may phone the practice nurse between 4-5pm Monday to Friday on 091-553135. If the nurse is unable to take the call you will be asked to leave your name, date of birth and telephone number so the nurse can contact you with your results.

Blood tests: Most blood results arrive at the practice electronically from University College Hospital , Galway.

Results should be available within 5 working days. Some test results may take longer to be processed.

X-rays: X-ray results ordered by the doctors at the Medical Centre may take up to 10 working days. Reports on X-ray's carried out in private hospitals may take up to 5 working days. Please contact our nurse for report details. Any problems may be discussed by your doctor.

Private MRI reports may take up to 5 working days to be communicated to the Medical Centre. Please contact your doctor or nurse for results. Always retain the DVD of your MRI in your personal files.

Cervical Smear test results: You should receive a letter with your smear test result within 4 weeks, if you have any query on this result or you do not receive a result please contact our practice nurse for further information.

How do I get a form filled/letter?

When requesting letters we would appreciate if you could give 48 hours advance notice.                                

This allows the doctor sufficient time for dictation, updating your medical file and time for our typist to complete them.                                                                                                                                          

 The same will apply for forms that you may wish to be completed.                                                        

Letters and some forms incur a medical and administrative fee of 20 euro.

Please give the relevant forms or your details to our reception staff

How do I pay for medical services?

The policy of the practice is that payment will be given after the consultation.

Cash, cheques or payment by laser will be accepted.

Please note we do not operate a credit policy.

Please retain receipts for Tax/Insurance claims. A charge of 5 euro exists for reissuing of receipts.

We do not recieve payment for Medical Card Holders/ Patients who do not have a valid, in date, medical card and thus the normal consultation fee will apply. Please ensure you renew your medical card in time, if eligible, to avoid cost of doctor visit and medications.

Services not covered by the Medical Card

  • Travel Vaccinations
  • Insurance Medicals
  • Medical examinations for legal reports
  • Pre-school Medicals
  • Pre-employment Medicals
  • Medical examinations to participate in sport
  • Letters for flying, gym, social welfare etc
  • Completion of forms
  • Driving licence forms and examinations

Please enquire at reception or check out our website regarding fees for the above services.

How do I apply for a medical card?

Medical card application forms can be downloaded on our website in ‘useful forms’ section. They may also be collected at our reception.

Existing patients of the Medical Centre can leave the completed medical card form at reception to be signed by one of our doctors and collected the next day.

New patients to the practice will be requested to attend for consultation with the GP prior to submitting the medical card application. The completed medical card application form must be brought to the Health Service Executive, Community Care, Shantalla, Galway, where the application will be processed.

Further information regarding medical card eligibility can be found at

How do I arrange a Housecall?

Where possible, housecalls should be kept to a minimum.

We encourage patients to attend the surgery as there is more equipment and facilities in the surgery to deal with acute medical problems and complications.

Housecalls are generally reserved for elderly, emergency and immobile patients.

If a housecall is required please inform the reception staff, where possible, before 11am. The doctor on duty will then contact the person requesting the ‘call out’ for further assessment and information.

When the Surgery is closed?

Medical cover is provided by Westdoc Mon-Fri 6pm-8am and from Friday from 6pm until Monday at 8am. Please phone 1850

You will be asked for your details and given an appointment to see the doctor. If you have a medical card, you will need to bring this with you otherwise you will be charged for the consultation when you see the doctor.