24 Hour Holter Monitor

If you have noticed an alteration in your Heart Rhythm  --palpitations, an extra or missed beat ---you may be suffering from what is known as Cardiac Arrhythmia.

While the majority of Arrhythmias are of no harm, there are some that need investigation and medical management.


The Cardiac Monitor (Holter Monitor) is attached to your chest and records a 24 hour tracing of your heartbeat. The reading is then interpreted by your doctor  allowing the diagnosis of any existing heart rhythm problems.


  • A continuous Electrocardiograph (ECG) is recorded as you go about our daily activities.
  • It allows ECG monitoring over a 24 hour period and is used to detect heart rhythm disturbances.
  • It will diagnose potentially dangerous heart conditions that could otherwise remain silent and hidden.
  • Early diagnosis may reduce the risk of heart attack , heart failure and stroke.

What s is involved?

The six electrodes (small sticky circular attachments) are placed across the chest. These are attached to a small monitor that you wear around your waist for the full 24 hour period. The electrodes will record readings and changes in your hearts rhythm and relay the information to the monitor.

How do I book?

The cardiac monitor needs to be booked in advance.
A morning appointment is booked with our practice nurse who puts the monitor in place.
You return the following morning, at the same time of initial attachment, for removal of the monitor.
You may then book an appointment with your doctor at your convenience for interpretation and appropriate management of your results. This consultation is included in the fee for Cardiac Monitor.
For further details or to book an appointment please contact our reception staff on 091-553135